Intelligent agents, seamlessly orchestrated.

At emergence, we’re advancing the science and development of AI agents.

Intelligent agents will unlock
the full potential of AI.

Digital interactions in every industry are being fundamentally reshaped as AI agents begin to autonomously operate software and devices. Emergence is developing critical infrastructure to enable every developer at every enterprise to build flexibly with AI agents. This has the potential to unlock trillions of dollars in value globally.

Emergence Orchestrator Agent

An all-in-one agent that routes queries to optimal solving agents.

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Web Control Agent

Enterprise RAG Agent

Any agent you need

Web control agent

Enterprise RAG agent

Agentified enterprise

Our Orchestrator is a key infrastructural element to any agent system.

Emergence’s Orchestrator is a meta-agent that intelligently routes tasks to the most optimal LLM or agent. This includes purpose-built models that offer state-of-the-art performance at a fraction of the cost of generalist models. Our LLM fine-tuning capabilities also enable us to create such models on demand.

Adapt to an agent-driven world.

Proper AI integration will determine which enterprises will lead, and which will fall behind, in the emerging agent-driven era. Our tools for building and orchestrating AI agents will allow for dramatic improvements in productivity and cost. Scalably and efficiently future-proof your enterprise with intelligent routing, advanced agent capabilities, and no vendor lock-in.

Developer Tools
  • LLM and Agent Registry
  • Prompt analytics
  • Prompt compression
  • LLM tuning on custom data

Control web browsers with our AI agent.

Imagine every system in your organization seamlessly interconnected and automated. We’re building the infrastructure to make this future possible. Explore our open-source web-agent, Agent-E designed to seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems and interact with web interfaces, automating complex workflows and multiple aspects of human-computer interaction

Our researchers and engineers are driving this transformation. They’ve worked on some of the world's most scalable AI systems including IBM Watson, Twitter, Alexa, and Amazon Video.

Welcome to Emergence, where the future of enterprise workflow automation begins.

Emergence Research

Emergence’s team includes some of the world’s top AI researchers. Our journal hosts their up-to-the-minute thoughts and discoveries.

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Our products reverse the relationship between humans & machines and provide a new experience of naturally interacting with technology.

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